I’m Legal!

This past weekend I completed the Motorcycle Safety Foundation’s Basic Rider Course at Ray Price Harley Davidson here in Raleigh. I can’t say enough about how useful this course is. I would say that I have 10-12 months of continuous riding experience and I learned a great deal about cornering, handling sudden stops and a lot of other things.

They gave us a 500cc Buell Blast motorcycle to practice on and let me tell you these bikes had seen better days. Luckily I didn’t drop my bike but I came *really* close several times..Especially doing the 2 U-turns in a 20ft long box.

One major perk here in NC for completing the basic course is the DMV riding skills test is waived as long as you’ve passed the MSF course. I already had my motorcycle permit so Monday I went into the DMV and got my motorcycle endorsement.

I highly recommend taking the MSF basic rider course no matter how long you’ve been riding. Chances are the longer you’ve been riding the more bad habits you’ve picked up. I will be taking the advanced rider course once I get back from my trip. Basically you go through all the MSF basic riding training but you do it on your own bike. All in all the course was very, very helpful to me and I gained more confidence in riding my own bike with the skills that I learned there.

Lack Of Posts

Sorry for the lack of posts folks…I got to experience a trip to the Emergency Room on Friday. Head over to Year26 to get all the gory details..I’m fine now..Took yesterday off work just to make sure everything was as it should be.

My stomach is still a bit messed up with all the antibiotics I’m on and I still have 6 days of those left 🙁


Getting used to not having a fuel guage has been interesting to say the least. The previous owner said he never ran it to reserve and would fill up every 120 mi. Well, I did that the first time I rode it but noticed I wasn’t putting much gas in. So I gradually increased the distance I would travel, 120, 130, 140 and today I decided I was going to run it until I had to hit reserve.

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Motorcycle Safety

Last week I signed up for the the Motorcycle Safety Foundation’s Basic Rider Course. I’ll be taking it locally at Ray Price Harley Dealership in Raleigh in late September. The cost of the class is $295 USD which I think is more than reasonable since I will get some insurance discounts as well as a waiver to get my motorcycle endorsement (currently I have my motorcycle learner’s permit).

Planning A Trip

I’ve decided to take a 2 week vacation from work in October and ride my bike down south to see family and friends in Mississippi. There is a ton of stuff that I need to plan out before then such as:

  1. Trip route – Not set in stone but a general route
  2. Gear – Need riding gear, bike friendly luggage, and a tent
  3. Test runs – I need to do gear shakedowns to make sure everything works as expected.

More to follow shortly. I’ll probably just create a page to act as my todo list.

EDIT Page created. Click on “Fall Trip ToDo” link under Pages in the sidebar.