Vehicle ToDo List

The truck I’ll be taking is a 2002 Toyota Tacoma. I’m the truck’s 3rd owner and the previous owner really let her go. It has 201k miles on it and required a *lot* of work to get it safe to drive.

Got the truck back from the shop. I decided it was best to have a real mechanic go over it and then fix/replace things that I would have no idea (or business) how to do. So the following has been done.

– Complete frontend work (cv joints, boots, rack and pinion, tie rods, etc)
– All belts (timing, ac, etc)
– Engine oil leak fixed, flush/fill (bad seal)
– Diff oil leak fixed, flush/fill (bad seals)
– Transfer case output leak fixed, flush/fill (bad seals)
– Radiator flushed/filled and leaks fixed
– Water pump replaced
– Tune up

I had been planning on doing things like the radiator, tune up and oil change but I didn’t want to deal with tracking down all the random leaks the previous owner ignored. The things I need to do now are directly related to making the truck trip ready.

Here’s a list of things that I need to do to the truck before heading out in 2018.

High Priority

Medium Priority

Low Priority

  • New shocks and springs
  • Remove bedliner and get spray in bedliner
  • Set of Goodyear MTR tires (puncture resistant which will be helpful on the Dalton Hwy)
  • New set of tailgate cables
  • Aux fuel tank

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