Workout 19-June-2017

A new week means a new session/workout with my trainer. She and I meet every Monday morning to run through a new workout and answer any question I have. Forgot to log my bfast this morning so I ended up going over on carbs. Still having some issues getting close to my daily protein goals. I’m eating a lot of turkey, beef and also supplementing with a whey protein powder. I want to continue losing weight but I don’t want to lose strength so I want to definitely hit that protein number.

Morning Workout:

TRX Squats – Bodyweight – 12/12/12

Dumb Bell Deadlifts – 25lbs (first set), 35lbs (last two sets) – 12/12/12

Leg Press – 118lbs (first set), 208lbs (last three sets) – 10/10/10/10

Incline PushUp – Bodyweight – 12/12/12

Plate Raise – 25lb plate – 12/12/12

Treadmill – 30min @3mph 4.5% incline

Evening Workout:

Treadmill – 45min @3.2mph 5% incline

Goal Macros: (Daily Macros)

Carbs = 245 (260), Protein = 240 (194), Fat = 100 (85)

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