Workout 21-June-2017

The more I work with the TRX setup the more I enjoy it. Definitely thinking about getting a set to use around the house and if I have to travel. Noticed something pretty cool on the treadmill today. Both sessions I had to kick up the mph to keep my HR around 120-125bpm. And also I could barely keep up with the treadmill last week at 3.5mph and today I was at 3.4mph for my entire afternoon session and it felt really good. I’m also now able to wear shirts that I wasn’t able to fit in a month ago. Most are still 2xl but the fact they were skin tight a month ago and now they’re loose is some kick ass motivation!

Morning Workout:

TRX Squats – Bodyweight – 12/12/12/12

TRX Rows – Bodyweight – 12/12/12/12

Cable Rows – 57.5lbs (first two sets), 62.5lbs (last two sets) – 10/10/10/10

Machine Isolation Holds – 37.5lbs (first set), 42.5lbs (last three sets) – 40sec/40sec/50sec/50sec

TRX Flies – Bodyweight – 15/15/15/15

Machine Lat Pulldowns – 50lbs (first two sets), 55lbs (last two sets) – 12/12/12/10

Machine Shoulder Press – 40lbs (first set), 45lbs (last three sets) – 12/12/10/8

Treadmill – 35min – 3.3mph @ 5.0% Incline – HR: ~120bpm throughout

Evening Workout:

Treadmill – 45min – 3.4mph @ 5.0% Incline – HR: ~121bpm throughout

Goal Macros: (Daily Macros)

Carbs = 245 (230), Protein = 240 (196), Fat = 100 (96)

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