The word I use to describe the last week. Some things I’ve learned this week:

  • I don’t like working out at home
  • I don’t like measuring my food
  • I don’t like working out at home
  • I don’t like working out at home
  • I don’t like working out at home

As you can tell there’s a subtle underlying theme…For those that don’t pick it up I’ll spell it out, I DON”T LIKE WORKING OUT AT HOME!!!!!!! It’s gotten to the point that I find myself dreading working out so much that I end up over sleeping and have to workout in the evening, which then makes it difficult to go to sleep.

P90x is what I expected when I bought it…I get a good workout and it’s effective. I just don’t like being in the house, in front of the TV working out. I’ve never been a gym rat but I do enjoy the environment. So with that being said I’m adjusting my workouts to include going to the gym more than working out at home. I will continue to do the plyometrics, yoga x, and ab ripper x portions of P90x. I just have to break up the monotony if I’m going to get through this.

As for the food weighing. I’m going to continue to stick with the P90x meal plan. It’s got a good selection of food but the only drawback is having to weigh things out. A hassle, but something I’ll continue to do.

My frustrations with the plan overall lead me to cheat last week. Thursday afternoon I had a chicken rice bowl from Moe’s and Friday I had a steak, which I’d planned on having with the P90x meal plan anyway. But the plan called for 10oz. I had the entire 24oz steak. I felt bad after eating it and resolved to stay on course for the rest of the weekend. I decided to get out of the house on Saturday in order to avoid wanting to eat junk. My mistake there was taking my motorcycle. One of my favorite pastimes is hopping on the bike and finding out of the way diner’s (a la Diner, Drive-In’s, and Dives). I ended up at Golden Corral. For those that don’t know Golden Corral is what I call a “Feed Trough Restaurant.” You walk in, pay your money and then slam your face in the feed trough. I hate to say it but if you want to feel better about yourself, go there. I tried to make healthy choices but let’s be honest, the “healthy” food there isn’t that healthy. Then came Sunday and the Superbowl. My usual routine is something bbq-ey. Well, that ended up being Buffalo Wild Wings. *sigh* Writing it down makes me feel even worse about falling off the wagon.

This is a new week and so far I’m on track. I’ll hit the gym up tonight and then get back on track with working out in the mornings. I want to stick with this program for the 90 days and beyond. I just need to find the right balance for me.

2 thoughts on “Miserable”

  1. Don’t beat yourself up over this. As you noted, you made mistakes and mistakes are what happens on the way to mastering something… You learned a lot from this first week, right?

    Love you…

  2. yea..I just have to keep reminding myself that I have to tune the program to work for me…I dealt with this when I started last year as well. I just forgot that I can change things around if I need to..It’s not set in stone 🙂

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