The Right Decision

First day back in the gym..I’ve made a wise decision.

I felt really good before getting to the gym and all through my workout. I went back with a workout I know well. I started with it last year and lost 35lbs with it and some extra cardio.

Doug’s Six Day Cutting Routine

I’ve pointed several people to this workout because it makes sense and it *works*. I keep my rest between sets to 20 seconds and reps between 6-8. I start out with 10 minutes of moderate cardio to get the blood flowing and warm up. Then move into the workout. Because I don’t mess around it doesn’t take a lot of time to do this workout. Once I get done I do another 20 min of HITT (High Intensity Interval Training). This has been shown to give a better workout than 45-60 min of moderate cardio. Here’s what I do on the elliptical:

5 min moderate pace/moderate resistance
2 min fast pace/ max resistance
1 min moderate pace/ moderate resistance
2 min fast pace/max resistance
1 min moderate pace / moderate resistance
3 min fast pace / max resistance
1 min moderate pace / moderate resistance
2 min fast pace / max resistance
1 min moderate pace / moderate resistance
2 min fast pace / max resistance
5 min cool down

All said and done this workout takes me about an hour. I never realized how motivating the gym environment actually is. I definitely feel good about getting back in there. I’m working on a “formalized” plan and I’ll post that back here. I’m also doing the Couch to 5k program so I’ve got to figure a way to get that in. HITT is only recommended 3 times a week. So that leaves me a couple of days for road running. However, I do need to be vigilant to burnout. I don’t want to push myself too hard and end up injured or not making any progress.

I did cheat again today, but it was sort of a good kind of cheat. I hopped on the scale at the gym before working out and I’ve lost 4lbs! And that’s weighing in after a full day of water, food, etc. I think I will probably switch back to weekly weigh-in’s. It helps motivate me and it will also let me know how my workouts are going. My pants are already starting to feel loose again..So that helps as well 🙂

4 thoughts on “The Right Decision”

  1. Hey… I’m no expert, but I do think it’s important to find a plan that suits your own style. It looks like you’ve done just that. Good plan!

    You can see my weigh-in philosophy on my comment in Scott’s blog… I need a lot of feedback, so I weigh in a LOT… I can’t imagine going a month without weighing. It would drive me crazy! But what works for me isn’t for everyone. My wife thinks I’m crazy when I weigh at night… The number is almost always a good 1.5 to 2 pounds higher than in the morning. She doesn’t ever want to see her “number” go up. Whatever you do, do it your way.

    OK… Time for me to go weigh. 🙂

    — Tom Woods

  2. I am a big believer in the “gut” feeling. If you felt better at the gym then that is where you should be! {I am just the opposite!}

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