This morning I stopped by Subway and had 2 Western Egg and Cheese Muffin Melts. As I was waiting while they were being made I started asking myself is this cheating on my current meal plan? I’m sticking with the P90x meal plan for the most part. I’m doing a larger calorie deficit than is called for and still having trouble eating enough to meet my daily intake value of 2200 simply because I don’t feel hungry and when I do eat it doesn’t take as much to fill me up. I’ve been taking a Men’s Multi-Pak vitamin pack from GNC and since I started taking that I’ve noticed that I’m not as hungry as I used to be..A very odd feeling actually.

But anyway, back to the Subway this morning. I’ve always used Subway as my “go to” for a healthy choice when eating out. For the most part everything on their menu is much healthier than 99% of fast food places. (Note: Below values are *per* muffin melt. At the end in bold I’ve included the value for both)

Serving Size: 125g (250g)
Calories: 160 (320)
Calories From Fat: 35 (70)
Total Fat: 4g (8)
Saturated Fat: 1.5g (3)
Trans Fat: 0g
Cholesterol: 10mg (20)
Sodium: 680mg (1360)
Carbs: 19g (38)
Dietary Fiber: 5g (10)
Sugars: 1g (2)
Protein: 15g (30)
Vitamin A: 2% of Daily Value
Vitamin C: 4% of Daily Value
Calcium: 30% of Daily Value
Iron: 8% of Daily Value

I did some searching on daily allowances and the numbers above fall well into the daily allowance for a 2000 calorie intake. I’m going to double check my meal plan but I believe that it allows 350-400 calories for breakfast.

So, cheating or not cheating?

**EDIT 0827: Oops!! I originally went off the version with whole egg. I actually get the egg white version. Values updated to reflect the egg white goodness. That significantly dropped most values, aside from Sodium.**

2 thoughts on “Cheating?”

  1. Surprisingly… I say not cheating.

    On a 2200 calorie diet plan, the 320 calorie total is pretty darn good… 30 grams of protein for breakfast, that’s very good… and they managed to get 10 grams of fiber in there too. These are the 3 things I watch the closest for weight loss.

    Ok, so the sodium is pretty high… drink lots of water today and you should be ok. I may have to stop by Subway one of these mornings.

  2. I definitely say ‘not cheating’. We have all already discovered the problems inherent in being TOO rigid. If you don’t have time to make a breakfast exactly according to your meal plan , I think this is a great alternative. Kudos on finding something quick and easy that still stays within your constraints – i havn’t even bothered to which may bite me in the butt soon. I’m going to have to look into that.

    Although i do say it is cheating if it’s every day 😉

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