On 5/21/2018 I will be traveling from my home in North Carolina to Fairbanks Alaska and then on to Prudhoe Bay and the Arctic Circle.

The Why
Growing up my dad talked about how beautiful (and cold) Alaska is and I’ve see numerous pictures and documentaries over the years on Alaska and a combination of those things has had this trip in my mind for several years.

The How
This part is still very much in flux. More updates as I make them!

Why Are You Telling Us About Something That Is Happening 2 Years From Now?!
Well, this is something I really want to do and honestly it’s going to be really hard to plan, supply, and execute. My hope is that by putting it out there to my friends, family and the world I will be able to draw motivation to keep this dream alive when times get rough. And I really like having something to look forward to!

So this is going to get published now, expect more updates in the very near future and some fun contests/raffles etc. I hope that you will follow along with me as I undertake this trip of a lifetime.

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