Workout 20-June-2017

Tuesday means it’s weigh in day! Today I’m down 3.1lbs from last Tuesday. Overall since May 22nd I’m down 17.3lbs. I’m really happy with the progress so far. Went a bit over on my fat today but getting closer with carbs and even protein. Trying out some new protein cookies to see how I like them. They actually have 10g more protein than the whey protein power I’m using.

Morning Workout:

Barbell Bentover Row – 95lbs (first set), 115lbs (last three sets) – 10/10/10/10

Preacher Curls – 45lbs (first set), 55lbs (second and forth set), 60lbs (third set) – 10/10/8/8

Incline Bench Press – 85lbs (first set), 95lbs (last three sets) – 10/10/8/8

Machine Chest Flies – 100lbs (first set), 105lbs (second and third set), 110lbs (forth set) – 15/15/15/15

TRX Rows – Bodyweight – 12/12/12/12

Battle Rope – No weight – 40sec/40sec/40sec/40sec

Treadmill – 35min – 5.0% Incline – 3.1mph – HR: ~120bpm for entire time

Evening Workout:

Treadmill – 45min – 5.0% Incline – 3.1mph – HR: ~120bpm for entire time

Goal Macros: (Daily Macros)

Carbs = 245 (242), Protein = 240 (228), Fat = 100 (116)

Workout 19-June-2017

A new week means a new session/workout with my trainer. She and I meet every Monday morning to run through a new workout and answer any question I have. Forgot to log my bfast this morning so I ended up going over on carbs. Still having some issues getting close to my daily protein goals. I’m eating a lot of turkey, beef and also supplementing with a whey protein powder. I want to continue losing weight but I don’t want to lose strength so I want to definitely hit that protein number.

Morning Workout:

TRX Squats – Bodyweight – 12/12/12

Dumb Bell Deadlifts – 25lbs (first set), 35lbs (last two sets) – 12/12/12

Leg Press – 118lbs (first set), 208lbs (last three sets) – 10/10/10/10

Incline PushUp – Bodyweight – 12/12/12

Plate Raise – 25lb plate – 12/12/12

Treadmill – 30min @3mph 4.5% incline

Evening Workout:

Treadmill – 45min @3.2mph 5% incline

Goal Macros: (Daily Macros)

Carbs = 245 (260), Protein = 240 (194), Fat = 100 (85)

Workout 18-June-2016

Solid workout today along with a walk on the greenway. I have really come to enjoy using the TRX strap system. It allows me to do things like squats in a modified position to take pressure off my knees. However since I’ve been doing them using TRX straps I’m now almost able to stand completely vertical and do a full depth squat with no pain in my knees.

Morning Workout:

TRX Squats – Bodyweight – 12/12/12/12

TRX Rows – Bodyweight – 10/12/12/12

Cable Row – 42.5lbs (first two sets), 50lbs (last two sets) – 12/12/12/12

Cable Side Holds – 37.5lbs (first set), 42.5lbs (last three sets) – 40sec/40sec/40sec/40sec

TRX Flies – Bodyweight – 12/12/12/12

Machine Lat Pulldown – 42.5lbs (first set), 50lbs (last three sets) – 12/10/10/10

Shoulder Press – 30lbs (first set), 35lbs (second set), 40lbs (third set), 45lbs (fourth set) – 12/12/11/8

Greenway Walk – 3.32miles – 57m.15s – 17m.13s pace

Evening Workout:

Treadmill – 45min – 4.5% incline – 3.5mph (first 15min), 3.8mph (last 30min)

Goal Macros: (Daily Macros)

Carbs = 245 (238), Protein = 240 (180), Fat = 100 (92)

Workout 17-June-2017

So this morning I woke up and did *not* feel like going to the gym. I thought it was because I was tired and my body was telling me to slow down a bit so I was going to make today a rest day. As I was cooking breakfast and eating I realized I didn’t feel tired or worn out. Giving it some more thought and being totally honest with myself I realized that the workout I was supposed to do today has some exercises that I’m not a huge fan of. Once I realized that it was like a switch flipped and I put my gym clothes on and proceeded to have a *really* good workout. I’m pretty proud of myself for figuring this out and being totally honest about why I didn’t want to workout today. So here’s the workout.

Morning Workout:

Barbell Bent Over Rows – 95lbs (first set), 100lbs (last 3 sets) – 10/10/10/10

Preacher Curls – 35lbs (first set), 45lbs (last 3 sets) – 10/10/9/10

Incline Bench Press – 95lbs (first set), 85lbs (last 3 sets) – 10/10/10/10

Chest Flies – 100lbs (first and third set), 115lbs (second and fourth set) – 15/12/11/10

TRX Rows – Bodyweight – 12/12/12

Battle Rope – No Weight – 40sec/40sec/40sec/40sec

Treadmill – 35min – 4% Incline – 3.5mph

Evening Workout:

Treadmill – 45min – 4.5% Incline – 3.7mph

Goal Macros: (Daily Macros)

Carbs = 245 (240), Protein = 240 (191), Fat = 100 (80)

Workout 16-June-2017

Good day at the gym. Started out the morning with a cup of Okios Triple Mixed Berry Yogurt as a pre-workout meal. I’m not feeling confident enough to do a fasting workout yet.

Morning workout:

TRX Squats – Bodyweight – 12/12/12/12

Cable Side Holds – 47lbs – 40sec/40sec/40sec/40sec

TRX Rows – Bodyweight – 12/12/12/12

TRX Flies – Bodyweight – 12/12/12/12

Machine Rows – 47lbs (first set, 50lbs last 3 sets) – 12/10/8/8

Machine Shoulder Press (front grip) – 37lbs – 12/12/10/10

Machine Shoulder Press (side grip) – 42lbs – 10/10/8/8

Treadmill – 35min – 4% incline – 3.5mph (first 15min), 3.7mph (last 15min)

Evening workout:

Treadmill – 45min – 4% incline – 3.5mph (first 15min), 3.7mph (last 30min)

Goal Macros: (Daily Macros)

Carbs = 245 (229), Protein = 240 (205), Fat = 100 (95)

Vehicle ToDo List

The truck I’ll be taking is a 2002 Toyota Tacoma. I’m the truck’s 3rd owner and the previous owner really let her go. It has 201k miles on it and required a *lot* of work to get it safe to drive.

Got the truck back from the shop. I decided it was best to have a real mechanic go over it and then fix/replace things that I would have no idea (or business) how to do. So the following has been done.

– Complete frontend work (cv joints, boots, rack and pinion, tie rods, etc)
– All belts (timing, ac, etc)
– Engine oil leak fixed, flush/fill (bad seal)
– Diff oil leak fixed, flush/fill (bad seals)
– Transfer case output leak fixed, flush/fill (bad seals)
– Radiator flushed/filled and leaks fixed
– Water pump replaced
– Tune up

I had been planning on doing things like the radiator, tune up and oil change but I didn’t want to deal with tracking down all the random leaks the previous owner ignored. The things I need to do now are directly related to making the truck trip ready.

Here’s a list of things that I need to do to the truck before heading out in 2018.

High Priority

Medium Priority

Low Priority

  • New shocks and springs
  • Remove bedliner and get spray in bedliner
  • Set of Goodyear MTR tires (puncture resistant which will be helpful on the Dalton Hwy)
  • New set of tailgate cables
  • Aux fuel tank


On 5/21/2018 I will be traveling from my home in North Carolina to Fairbanks Alaska and then on to Prudhoe Bay and the Arctic Circle.

The Why
Growing up my dad talked about how beautiful (and cold) Alaska is and I’ve see numerous pictures and documentaries over the years on Alaska and a combination of those things has had this trip in my mind for several years.

The How
This part is still very much in flux. More updates as I make them!

Why Are You Telling Us About Something That Is Happening 2 Years From Now?!
Well, this is something I really want to do and honestly it’s going to be really hard to plan, supply, and execute. My hope is that by putting it out there to my friends, family and the world I will be able to draw motivation to keep this dream alive when times get rough. And I really like having something to look forward to!

So this is going to get published now, expect more updates in the very near future and some fun contests/raffles etc. I hope that you will follow along with me as I undertake this trip of a lifetime.

21 Depression Truths

I normally don’t like sites of this type because of their clickbait-y links. But this one definitely struck a chord.

21 Depression Truths

If you’ve read my blog archives you’ve probably come across some posts about my own dealings with depression. It sucks and it’s something I still deal with on a daily, sometimes hourly, basis. I’m still not taking meds, not because I don’t believe in them but because through talk therapy I’ve developed tools to cope with depression. Some days are better than others. When I catch it early it’s a lot easier to get out of that mindset than if I miss it and have to crawl out of it after several days.

Banging Some Metal

Just a few pics of some things I’ve been working on in the shop.

Starting with a piece of A36. Not ideal for a knife at all because of its low carbon content (aka it won’t harden/temper properly) but it gives me some practice on shaping.

Reducing the edge down.

Forging the tip.

Looking more like a knife.

The spine.

Here’s one that’s finished. It’s made out of an old farrier’s rasp with an oak handle and brass pins.

Before and after.

before and after

Overall I’m pretty happy with the the rasp knife came out, especially since it’s the first knife I’ve ever made.