Some Advice To Myself

Don’t worry about 90 days from now. Worry about tomorrow. Worry about getting your food prepared, workouts planned and then execute. Don’t worry if you can’t keep up with the videos..Those people have all done *at least* 3 to 4 rounds of p90x. You’ll get there..Take your time, focus on form and pretty soon you’ll be where they are.

And Then There Were None…

Days that is…February 1st is upon us. Most of my co-workers have decided to take part in this health challenge and I’m stoked that they’re doing it! Hopefully between us all we have the motivation to keep everyone on track. So far only 2 of them have blogs so head on over and heckle support them.


I wrote in my last post that despite all my planning and the motivation that I feel, I still felt uneasy. This afternoon I hit why I felt that and still do. I’m giving up my best friend. I’m giving up something that has always been there for me despite everything else. through breakups, through being sad. Nothing/no one makes me feel better than food does. Yes, I’m aware that this is only 90 days and then I can eat whatever the hell I want to in whatever quantity I want. One of my favorite quotes is “Food is for fuel, not fun”. I can’t rely on anything external to make me happy be it food, drink, exercise, etc..I need to find that happiness within me. So the question I have is, how does one do that??

Today was sort of a last hurrah for the last unhealthy lunch as a team. We went to my favorite place in the world, Cherry Bomb Grill. Below is a list of what I ate:

  • 1.5 crab cakes
  • 4 deviled eggs
  • 1 hangover burger (pepper jack cheese, bloody mary mayo, avocado, and an over-easy egg)
  • full order of fries
  • krispy kreme bread pudding
  • 2 large cokes

It’s been a really long time since I’ve eaten like that and that is an extremely heavy meal for lunch. I really thought I was going to throw up on the way back to the office. I wasn’t the only one that threw down but I spent the rest of the day feeling absolutely horrible and guilty for eating so much that I was physically ill. I’ve gotten to that point more times than I can remember. For the next 90 days I will not feel that way again! To be honest at 2324 I still feel sick from lunch…Not a good feeling..Not a good feeling at all..

The Final Countdown

Ok..So that title sounds a bit dramatic…You may have noticed the countdown thingy over on the right side there…It’s counting down to 2/1/2011..What’s so special about that day? Well, I’m glad you asked! That’s the day that a few co-workers and I myself committed to start a 90 day workout challenge. Back in June of 2010 I took part in a 90 day challenge through work and while I finished it (admittedly not putting 100% out every day) it was tough to stay on track because I only had myself to hold accountable. I ended up losing 35lbs over that 90 day span. I probably could have lost more had I had more motivation and accountability.

I bet you’re sayiing “But you shouldn’t have to rely on other people to keep you motivated! You should just be able to do it and keep going!” I’m not wired like that. Over the last year I’ve done of a lot of self discovery and I realize that I can’t just go to the gym, and eat right day after day after day..I get bored. And getting bored causes me to slip. But as I found with the last 90 day challenge, if I know there’s an end date and something to look forward to then I’ll be more inclined to stick with the workout.

So, on 2/1/2011 I’ll be starting the workout program called P90X. And before anyone (else) comments:

Yes I know: It will be hard, I will feel like dying, I will be sore beyond belief, I will probably throw up, and yes, I’m very nervous about doing it..

I’m going to do it and I’m going to give it 120% and I’m following the plan to the letter for 90 days. I’ve never gotten a home workout so it will take some getting used to. I will be doing the pre-assessment on 1/27 and I’ll be taking some before pics tonight and posting them on here tomorrow or Monday (yes, I’m putting it off as long as possible!). I’ll also be keeping track of my planning and how I’m feeling throughout the workout. My co-workers will be doing the same on their respective blogs so look for some new links in the sidebar in the next few days.

So there you have it…The next few months this blog will see a good amount of activity so be sure to check back in!

A Good Thing

When you don’t workout for 3 weeks and go down to the deep south for a week and with a major food holiday like Thanksgiving thrown in and maintain the same weight..That’s good thing 🙂

(edit: many points do I get for the use of “and” in that horrible sentence?)

-35lbs since July 2010

Back to the Gym

I’ll start out by saying that cheesecake is a bad idea if you’re even remotely planning on working out..Trust me on this..Anyway…First day back in the gym (with the intention of going the next day).

Weigh In
Total Loss Since 7/2010 -29lbs

Flat Bench
1×15 45lbs (warmup)
1×8 50lbs
1×6 50lbs
1×6 45lbs

Incline Bench
1×8 110lbs
1×6 110lbs

Rope Pulldowns
1×20 60lbs (warm up)
1×9 70lbs
1×8 90lbs
1×6 100lbs

Straight Bar
1×8 90lbs
1×8 90lbs
1×8 100lbs

Seriously, cheesecake is a bad idea before a workout.. Energy bottomed out about half way through but I did what I could. I’ve certainly learned my lesson on that one. Otherwise things felt good…I think there’s been some strength loss or it could have been the cheesecake..I know I keep harping on it..But cheesecake was a *hugely* bad idea..

A converstation

Between my left and right brain earlier today:

Left Brain: Dude! Right Brain…You forgot our boot socks!!
Right Brain: Look..We’ve had this discussion before..The only thing I asked you to remember and now you’re blaming me…Typical..
Left Brain: Anyway..We should postpone our road march today…These socks we have on won’t cut it and we’ll probably get blisters…Remember the last time when we……
Right Brian: You worry too much…We’ll be fine…Let’s get it on!!!!

Fast forward 2 miles…

Left Brain: Right Brain?
Right Brain: What??
Left Brain: Told you so…
Right Brain: Shut up…

I did take my blisters swimming after work..35 min continuous..They didn’t approve…

What’s with all the crickets??

Still dealing with some motivation issues, and other things…Anyway…Weigh in updates for the last 2 weeks:

Weigh In (09/19/2010)
Diff from last weigh in: -2
Overall diff from 6/28/2010:26lb loss

Weigh In (09/13/2010)
Diff from last weigh in: +1
Overall diff from 6/28/2010:24lb loss

So, a 1lb gain week before last and a 2lb loss last week. I should be happy right? So why am I not?

An Update

Weigh In
Diff from last weigh in: +1
Overall diff from 6/28/2010:24lb loss

I haven’t worked out in 13 days. Mostly I think b/c of lack of motivation but coupled with some late night work. Feeling much better about it today so I’ll hit the gym after work and get back into the swing of things. I’ve still been eating fairly well. Probably could have made some better choices but overall feeling good about the food part.